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What to Expect from Psychological Assessment and Therapy
Karen Green Psychology Services

An initial assessment over 1 or 2 sessions allows time for me to listen to your concerns. By the end of this time both you and I will have a good idea if we can work together and which therapy might be most suitable for you.

Psychological therapies are more likely to work if you feel comfortable and at ease with your therapist although they may not offer full alleviation of symptoms or 'cure'.

Whilst a psychological assessment can in itself be therapeutic, it is more usual for therapy to last 6-12 sessions. Occasionally therapy may be longer term and this will be discussed with you before you begin work.

Therapy may focus on:

  • day to day life and the gradual development and practice of positive ways of thinking and behaving - building on an individual's own inner resources to improve mood, self-image, confidence and coping
  • understanding the connections between the past and the present.

Most therapies will be on a one-to-one basis although you may be offered couple therapy if you are having problems in a relationship. Family therapy may be offered when the whole family is involved.

Engaging in therapy can be hard work emotionally, sometimes provoking strong feelings. I will help you understand and deal with such feelings if they arise. I may also ask you to work on tasks between sessions. Therapy does, therefore, require motivation and commitment.

Confidentiality is given the highest priority although I usually ask for your permission to contact relevant professionals e.g. G.P. The only exception is when there is risk of serious harm to yourself or others. Wherever possible any such disclosure will be discussed with you first.

Fees will be discussed on an individual basis before commencing assessment and therapy.

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