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Psychological Therapies and Approaches
Karen Green Psychology Services

My therapeutic work is based on my training and experience in well established and mainstream psychotherapeutic approaches, including:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

  • one of the most effective therapies for many areas of psychological distress, especially when anxiety or depression is prominent
  • uses a gradual approach to identify and change unhelpful thoughts and behaviour to improve the way you feel
  • can also be used with children

Psychotherapy (Psychodynamic Approaches)

  • focusing on underlying emotions and connections between present feelings/behaviour and past events
  • enabling the re-processing of emotions and perceptions from past experiences

Family Work/Family Therapy

  • focuses on patterns of behaviour and communication between family members
  • improves understanding of others points of view, individual and shared roles
  • improves negotiation and boundaries within family relationships, consolidating joint parenting where this is relevant

Specialist Approaches for people who have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and/or Learning Disability

  • focuses on enhancing parent-child (and family) relationships and parental or child confidence and coping
  • enhances the use of parenting strategies and explores the use of specialist approaches
  • explores understanding the child's condition, diagnosis, behaviour and emotions

Specialist approaches may include: Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS); Structured Teaching (from TEACCH); and Social Stories.

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